Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on December 1st, 2008

Cyber Monday

Proceed_to_Checkout_0.jpgIf you weren't satisfied with the amount of money you spent on Black Friday, you are in luck my friends! Today is Cyber Monday, the unofficial online shopping holiday. The idea behind Cyber Monday is that people will come to work following Black Friday and make those purchases online that they weren’t able to make in stores. Someone is hoping you are sitting at your office computer, browsing through special deals and bargains instead of finishing that TPS report.

Cyber Monday was created in 2005 when some retailers had noticed an increase in online sales on the Monday following Black Friday, and the National Retail Federation decided to brand it. Now, two years later, more and more stores are playing off the Cyber Monday theme and offering sales and has evolved into a significant marketing event.

However, with the state of the economy, and the dismal rumors of projected holiday consumer trends, the buzz around Cyber Monday this year may be just that, a buzz that fades away with the tryptophan. It is more important than ever before to reassure the online consumer of the value of your products and services in order to maximize their purchase. The consumer, more than ever before, needs to be confident that they are making a very savvy and intelligent purchase decision.

Here at Volacci, we are not only embracing the buzz of Cyber Monday, but the value of your online business. We understand the aches and pains of the recession and now it is more important than ever to make the right marketing decisions with our search engine optimization and analytical services. We want to help you make those decisions with numbers that don't lie, because your profit is our passion.