Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on October 26th, 2007

Mac OS X.5 Leopard Crashes Hard Drive

A brief departure from our normal fare...
The short version: Backup your hard disk before you install the new Mac OS X Leopard.
The long version: We bought a multi-pack of Leopard for the office. We've tried installing it 6 times. It failed twice and on one of the Mac Minis it refused to recognize the hard drive after rebooting. We had to reformat the drive and reinstall Leopard. Fortunately all the critical data was backed up. (Thank you Mozy!) But about 8GB of iTunes files were wiped. Also, that user is wondering how he's going to sync his iPhone to a computer that thinks it's a new installation and will format the iPhone before syncing.
On the other failed installation it hung about halfway through. Fortunately this one would reboot so we tried again (it's still running at this moment).
After doing a bit more research online we find that some sites are recommending the "Archive and Install" option which creates a whole new System folder and archives the old one. We didn't use this function (it's hidden) but we certainly will on the next install.
If only I would've had Time Machine installed...