Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on November 25th, 2007

Search Engine Market Share for Oct. 2007

Google is again on the prowl for market share and picked up 1.5% (or 157 Million) of all searches. All the other major engines lost market share except Ask whose heavy marketing expenditures allowed it to tread water at 4.7%.

Leading Search Engines - October 2007

Google: 58.5 percent (+1.5 points)

Yahoo: 22.9 percent (-0.8 points)

Microsoft: 9.7 percent�(-0.6 points)

Ask Network: 4.7 percent (no change)

Time Warner Network: 4.2 percent (-0.1 points)

Source: ComScore. (The company only counted search engines with nearly 5 percent or more of the search market in its survey.)