Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on May 12th, 2007

The Best Advice for Bringing a Higher Response

One of the most popular marketing geniuses of our time likes to dispense the occasional words of wisdom—for free! His name is Gary Bencivenga, and he is the king of copywriting by most modern standards. Lucky for us, Mr. Bencivenga sends out his “Bencivenga Bullets” via email about once every 1-2 months. These emails contain pearls of wisdom for creating great copy, and advice on being successful in business and life in general.

We look forward to these emails. Really. If you’d like to check out Gary’s arsenal of past bullets, click here. Once you read them you’ll be hooked… so here’s how to sign up.

Don’t worry, your information will not be sold or shared, and he is not affiliated with any company or sales emails whatsoever. For some good, clean, honest advice, you’ll want to read what this man has to say.