Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on May 7th, 2007

10 Things to do Before the Spiders Come

We all know the importance of making it easy for web crawlers to index our site. But did you know these important steps to take before the spiders come? Check back every Monday for our 10-week crash course on how to ensure that your website gets properly indexed…

Tip #1: Check the Title Tags. In our opinion, creating great title tags can be one of the most valuable ways to help increase your SEO. Make sure you have relevant, keyword-rich title tags for each page you create.

This will make it easy for web browsers to search and display your website. Not sure how to write the perfect title tag? Go here: Title Tags That Search Engines (and your customers) Will Love.

Want the rest of these tips right now? Here are the links to them all (including this one!):