Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on June 14th, 2007

Knowing Your Audience: The Methodical Type

Last Thursday we introduced a new series: Knowing Your Audience. Over the next few weeks we will highlight the 4 main types of personalities you will encounter in the business world, and how to write copy that appeals to them.

This week: The Methodical Type

Methodical types appreciate facts, hard data, and information presented in a truthful and logical manner. They like order and planning. Methodical types also rely on organization and relish in completion of tasks (i.e. "crossing things off their list"). Personal information does not appeal to them. Disorganization is an immediate turn-off. They fear negative surprises and uncompleted tasks. These types of people prefer to think in terms of details and specifics. They compare everything to a standard ideal and look for mismatches (what’s wrong or what’s missing).

Attitude: Businesslike, detail-oriented

Using Time: Disciplined, methodically paced

Question: How can your solution solve this problem?

Approach: Provide hard evidence and superior service