Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on June 13th, 2007

The Power of Email Lists

If you are a company that collects email addresses from visitors, you hold a powerful tool in your hands! If you don't ask for emails, you're missing an important step in the marketing process.

Here at Sprydev, we can't stress the importance of relationship-building enough, and email is the pathway to communication with your customers! Be sure you are sending out regular updates on new events at your organization. Newsletters detailing important happenings in the industry, new products, or recent articles are a great way to remind customers of your brand and make them feel a connection with your company.

The key is: Make sure you are sending them valuable information. Sending a bunch of junk email isn't going to attract anyone's attention. However, links to relevant blog entries, updates on the latest happening in your industry, and general information that could be useful to your customers is always nice to include.

Then, at the end of your letter you can throw in the marketing stuff-- links to the site, how to recommend a friend, and freebies or coupons they might enjoy.

Remember-- you only want to send useful, relevant information. And keep the contact consistent and concise. A monthly newsletter usually seems to do the trick.

Keep collecting those emails, and let your customers know you're there for them when they need you. By keeping the lines of communication strong, customers will feel more comfortable returning to you again and again.