Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on July 4th, 2007

Knowing Your Audience: The Competitive Type

Welcome to Week 5 of our new series: Knowing Your Audience.

This week: The Competitive Type

Competitive types enjoy control and expect accuracy and competence from their peers. A competitive person constantly seeks to learn new things and appreciates a good challenge. They are goal-oriented and like specific methods for completing tasks. Once their vision is clear, they usually reach decisions quickly. They do not like feeling out-of-control. Competitive personalities are: highly motivated, goal-oriented, hardworking, image-conscious, good planners, and good at promoting their ideas. They can be very influential and somewhat intense, but this typically helps others understand the level of competence that is expected in any given situation.

Attitude: Businesslike, power-oriented.

Using Time: Disciplined, strategically paced.

Question: What can your solution do for me?

Approach: Provide rational options, probabilities, and challenges.