Ben Finklea Volacci CEO - Goal Setting [Podcast]

stair steps of goals

Ben Finklea introduces his new podcast series.

Today's tip: share your goals with others to be held accountable, and use either rewards or penalties to motivate yourself.

Ben Finklea is the owner and CEO of Volacci, Digital Marketing Agency.


Hi, this is Ben Finklea, welcome to the podcast. I wanted to very first of all tell you a little about what this podcast is. This podcast exists because I belong to an organization called “Entrepreneurs Organization,” and specifically I am in what is called a forum which is a group of 9 CEOs all in different industries in or near Austin Texas. We meet once a month and help each other out, share ideas, and challenge each other.

We set a challenge at the beginning of the year and each person stepped up and said, “I want to accomplish a certain thing by a certain period of time.” We had a check-in goal at the first of May. My goal was to have recorded a podcast for each week of 2013. Now, I’m not sure which week of the year it is, but I have not recorded any podcast to date. In fact, this is the first one I have recorded, and it is now the first week of April.

So, I have two weeks left and that’s my tip for you in this first podcast. If you really, really want to accomplish something, set a goal, share it with other people, and set some sort of penalty or reward. The penalty for me in this case is having to pay $1500. It was my pledge that by the first week in May I would have recorded a podcast a week on average, or I would pay $1500. It guarantees that you will be motivated to get done.

So, even though I have procrastinated to this point, here I am recording my first podcast. So that’s the end of this podcast and each time I’m going to bring you a little tip.

I am going to end this at exactly two minutes.