Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on May 18th, 2013

Backing up your Data [Podcast]

Today's tip: How to back up data and keep all files up to date.

Ben Finklea is the CEO of Volacci, the Digital Marketing Agency


Hi, welcome back to the podcast. My name is Ben Finklea and this is the two minute podcast where I share tips with you about productivity. I’m the CEO of a company called Volacci we do a lot of Internet marketing. One thing that is very important to us is that our computers are backed up. There have been situations where a lot of work was done and a file wasn’t saved properly or it was lost somehow.

So, I wanted to share with you a couple of tips on how I keep my computer backed up. The first one is a tool called Dropbox. Dropbox has really grown in popularity so you may have already heard of it, but I have a unique way of using it that I learned from my friend, Andy Meadows. One of the things I did is I copied my documents folder on my Mac
into my Dropbox folder so that every time I create a file and save it, it automatically syncs up to Dropbox.

Another tool I use to make backups is Apple’s Time Machine. I’ve got an external hard drive at the office I back up to. I used to use the Apple Time Capsule but it was too slow over the network. So, I have an external drive I plug in to at the office and leave there so if I ever lose my computer, I have a backup at the office.

Finally, the last thing I will share with you is I have moved all my documents over to Google docs. That means whenever I create new documents, proposals, or presentations those documents are already synced up to the network and I can get to them from any computer. So, those are three backup tips I use. I hope these help you out and that is our two minutes.