Posted to Brian Solka's blog on March 14th, 2014

Automatr gets a Makeover!

A New, Sleeker, Interface to Save You Time and Increase Productivity

Here at Volacci, we're always looking for opportunities to improve our products and services. One weakness that had been identified with Automatr was an out-dated interface. We're happy to announce that after several months of development time, Automatr has gone through a complete visual makeover. All of the great features and tools are still available, but the interface is much more intuitive and brandishes a cleaner look.

The update includes incredible improvements in navigation and usability which will certainly save you time and effort. The overall appearance of the application has dramatically improved making it far cleaner with more whitespace.

One of the biggest, most obvious changes is the reorganization of the navigation. In the old application, you had to click on the tabs at the top to reach the section you'd like to work in. For example, you had to load 'Marketing Center' to access 'Campaigns'. The new design leverages drop-down menus that give you direct access to all areas of the application. This eliminates page load and again, saves you time.

The old design placed additional (highly used) navigation options in the lower left-hand portion of the screen. The new design brings these options to the top of the screen where they are more noticeable and accessible (a more intuitive and modern approach). Additionally, the menu system has been reorganized to help you be more efficient. In the old interface, you were presented with four tabs that lead to reports of various types (Dashboards, Visitors, Alerts, and Reports). The new interface consolidates reporting options under 'Reporting'.

Additional changes to look out for:

  • 'Alerts' has changed to 'Instant Alerts'
  • 'My Visitors' is now 'Realtime Insight'
  • 'Reports' is now more appropriately labeled 'Scheduled Reports'
  • New 'Leads & Contacts tab includes 'Contacts', 'Custom Fields', and 'Lists'
    • This leads to a greatly simplified 'Marketing Center' which enables you to get more done in less time
  • Interactions with folders within 'My Campaigns' has been simplified
  • Contact selection and options for working with contacts have been clarified within 'My Contacts'

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