Posted to Volacci's blog on July 23rd, 2013

Automatr Expands Social Capabilities with LinkedIn

Automatr Expands Social Capabilities with LinkedIn

We’re excited to announce that Automatr now supports LinkedIn integration. New features provide all Automatr users with the ability to post updates directly to LinkedIn Accounts and to LinkedIn Groups. This is an extension of the popular Socialize feature, which was released earlier this month and allowed users to integrate social posting for Facebook and Twitter accounts through the automated platform.

Automatr users have the ability to set up multiple LinkedIn accounts from the “Manage Accounts” page once they are logged in.

This exciting new development really brings the power of marketing automation into social media’s most largely recognized professional realm. With access to LinkedIn’s 200 million worldwide users, total campaign reach has gotten bigger and more sophisticated for Automatr users.

Social integration allows marketers to coordinate social media components of their outreach strategy with email marketing, lead generation and user interactions with onsite content. The holistic approach to customer engagement provides a truly personalized and intelligent data driven marketing strategy that produces results.

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