Posted to Erik Wagner's blog on May 20th, 2013

Automatr Drupal Module: Marketing Automation and Drupal in Harmony

For those of you using Automatr and Drupal, please download the newest, and much improved, version of the Automatr Drupal module.

At Volacci, one of our primary goals is to make Drupal the preferred CMS for marketers. With this goal in mind, we built our second release of the Automatr Drupal module to create a seamless integration between Automatr and Drupal.

We have added the following improvements:

  1.     My Visitors
  2.     Alert Creation and Management
  3.     Custom Field Creation and Management
  4.     Report Creation and Management
  5.     List Creation and Management
  6.     Export Drupal Users
  7.     Quick Links

My Visitors

Easily pull real-time individual visitor analytics directly from your installation of the Automatr platform using the “My Visitors” tab in the Automatr Drupal module. We pull this data from Automatr using our open source API. Each visitor, whether anonymous or known, is quickly accessible using hyperlinks, which empowers marketers and sales professionals to quickly access visitor contact information, lead scores, and activity data.


Alert Creation and Management

Alerts are created using Automatr’s segments. When a contact is added to a segment that has an alert setup for it, an e-mail is automatically sent to a marketing or sales professional to “alert” them of an action taken.

Within the Automatr Drupal module, you can quickly access and manage existing alerts as well as create new alerts using the Automatr Drupal module.


Custom Field Creation

Fields store data about every contact that visits your website. Within Automatr, you can create new custom fields to capture visitors’ interactions with your campaigns, website, or marketing collateral.

With the Automatr Drupal module you can create new custom fields and easily manage pre-existing fields.


Report Creation

Similar to alerts, reports are generated when someone is added to a segment. However, reports are sent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis rather than on an immediate basis.  Automatr reports provide the information that marketers need to make actionable decisions.

The Automatr Drupal module allows you to create reports directly within your Drupal website. Reports can be created and sent to any number of recipients on a designated frequency within the module.


List Creation and Management

Lists store contacts who have performed a particular action taken in a marketing campaign, e-mail, or on your website. Each contact can be a member of an unlimited number of lists.

Within the Automatr Drupal module, marketers can create new lists and manage existing lists.


Export Drupal Users

While Automatr integrates seamlessly with your Drupal website once installed, many Automatr users run into the problem of how to sync an existing site user base into Automatr.

With this in mind, Volacci has added an Export User functionality into the Automatr Drupal module. This functionality allows you to automate a sync of your Drupal users to Automatr or export a CSV that you can manually upload in the future into a list.


Quick Links

Quick links allow you to quickly access pages in Automatr through your Drupal module.


What features would you like to see in the third version of our module?