Posted to Volacci's blog on August 28th, 2013

Automatr Adds Webhooks: Your Marketing Campaign Just Got Easier to Manage

As part of Volacci's continuing effort to make Automatr the leading example of marketing automation integration capabilities, the functionality of Automatr has been expanded yet again with the addition of Webhook support to Form Actions. But for those of us who aren't developers, what does this mean?

The new Webhook feature allows Automatr users to trigger just about any desired action in any app that supports Webhooks when designated forms are submitted. Whether you're piping information from feedback forms into your Zendesk customer support system, or integrating information into Zoho CRM, Automatr's new Webhooks feature enables the site to automatically send a copy of submitted Form data to the app or apps of your choosing.

But how does this work? It’s simple-- data is passed on via an http POST to any URL of your choosing. It's quick to set up, and enables Automatr to push data straight into a custom application, database or 3rd party application, as long as that application supports Webhooks.

You may be wondering what data you can send through Webhooks. Information from the form can be copied over, while other data sent via POST may include:

  • Contact’s IP address

  • Full URL of the web page where the submitted Form was located

  • Automatr contact_id (extremely useful in additional API calls)

  • UTC time stamp of the Form submission

  • Automatr form_id (the ID of the Form that was submitted)

To learn more about how Automatr can amplify all your marketing efforts on your Drupal website, check out some of the great features and functionality that Automatr provides. For additional support, information may be obtained through Volacci Automatr’s online support portal.

To all our current Automatr customers, thank you for your continued support. We appreciate your feedback as we continue developing. To become an Automatr customer, or to learn if it’s the right marketing automation platform for you, feel free to contact us.