Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on August 6th, 2009

Apple App Store Becomes More Search-Friendly

If you own an iPhone, chances are you have utilized search to attempt in finding an App Store software. If you have searched for said software, chances are you also know how frustrating and non-user-friendly it can be. The tech-savvy giant, Apple, even admitted that improvements are needed, amidst public criticism amongst even their most loyal customers. What will Apple do about it? In order to improve the overall search and discovery for iPhone Apps, Apple has asked developers to submit a list of keywords for their applications, making the gadget and its software much more search-friendly than in the past.

This change was reported by AppleInsider on Wednesday, July 29 by Sam Oliver. Developers can now enter up to 255 characters worth of keywords that will be used for search in iPhone’s and iPod Touch’s App Store. This change has also been added to iTunes Connect, which is where developers and artists submit their content for the App Store and iTunes.

According to AppleInsider, there are currently over 65,000 applications available in the App Store, which makes it difficult to find new applications with the current organizational structure. In a world where search capabilities need to reflect the level of everyday technology, Apple needs to maintain an “innovator’s status” through constant upgrades for every aspect of their business. Apple may not be heavily involved in the lucrative business of search, but that doesn’t mean they are above leveraging it as a tool for selling their products. Apple was late to the optimization game. Should we delve out a slap on the wrist, a raised eyebrow, or a guttural hrumph? Maybe just a sigh of relief will due. No one or business is completely perfect, even one of the leading innovators in the industry of computer electronics.