Posted to Volacci's blog on July 12th, 2013

Anchoring Your Lead Generating Content

This 2.5 minute podcast discusses the importance of anchor content. Anchor content are large lead generating pieces that should be complemented by a series of smaller, purpose-driven pieces for best results. Climb aboard and have a listen.


Hi, I’m Chris Gaffney, Volacci’s Content Specialist. Today, we’ll talk about the importance of anchor content in a comprehensive content strategy. What does this mean? It is best explained through a whaling analogy.

I’m originally from New England, and historically speaking, we know a thing or two about oil. I live in Texas now, where oil is important, but these rookies have only been at it for 112 years. Did you know that the tiny island of Nantucket, Massachusetts used to be the oil capital of the world? It’s true, basically built our country, and was all accomplished through whaling.

Traditional Yankee whaling involves sending a large ship all over the world. Ships would often go as far as the South Pacific before finally returning home. These ships were massive and extremely valuable, but never actually caught any whales. Instead, whalers anchored the ship out in deep waters and used smaller whaling boats to get closer to the prey. Dozens of these boats existed per ship, each with a crew and specific purpose. Once their job was done, they traveled back to the anchored boat, loaded their catch and continued in search of more profits.

Just as not all ships and whaling boats are the same, neither are all pieces of content. Some pieces are more valuable than others, and users are willing to give up their contact information in exchange for it. These are our anchor pieces, and best used for lead generation. Some content is quicker than others, and really best used just for exploring the waters, while some other content is extremely effective with its precision and produces great conversion rates.

One of the greatest tools of content marketing is repurposing content, and looking at your current offerings to find the best role for each piece. I encourage you to look at your current offerings and see which pieces are anchor ships, which are explorers, and which are whaleboats, great for bringing the leads back to anchor. Once this is done, you’ll have a greater idea of what types of content you need to create a more efficient fleet, where your crew should be assigned to accomplish your goals, and what type of strategy needs to be implemented to produce the greatest results.

Let me know if I can be of any help. ‘Thar she blows, all hands on deck!