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8 Habits of Marketing Automation Experts

Pro Skills that Explode Lead Generation Results

At Volacci, we work with a lot of Marketing Automation experts. While they may have very little in common from a business perspective - different industries, verticals, customer buying cycles, etc. - we've found some very consistent habits among the very top performers that separate them from the rest of the pack. How many of these do YOU practice?

1. They Know Their Target Market

Marketing automation experts have a deep understanding of their target market. They've analyzed their target market and have personas that identify their target market's wants, needs, pains, fears and interests.  

They know what problems their customers are trying to solve, the length and stages of their buying cycle, and what each persona needs to see and hear at each stage. 

2. Are Adept Content Marketers

Marketing automation experts are adept content marketers. Building on their knowledge of the market, they're able to produce valuable content for their potential customers at just the right frequency.

This approach builds trust between the brand and the customer through the content that they publish. Prospects get comfortable quickly and readily share their contact information because they have an established relationship.

3. They Measure & Analyze Deeply

Marketing automation experts dive deeply into analytics. They measure the efficacy of each email and the ROI of each campaign. They analyze visitor trends, behaviors, and conversions.

Analysis without action is useless so they turn data into actionable reports.

At Volacci, we recommend using Google Tag Manager to Drupal marketers plus the Google Analytics module to help collect the highest quality data.


In marketing, great things come to those who test. Testing begins with subject lines vs. open rates. Email copy is meticulously revised to produce more visits. Landing pages test elements continuously - more images, less images, more or less text, different calls to action, etc.

A/B testing tools such as Visual Website Optimizer are powerful and there is a great Visual Website Optimizer module for Drupal that makes integration easy. Once you have the tool installed, the visual interface makes creating variations a snap.

5. They Constantly Refine Campaigns

The highest performing campaigns are created through an iterative process of building, improving, and then republishing. Improvements to lead scoring algorithms, emails, landing pages, calls to actions and campaign flows take time and constant improvement.

6. Make Full Use of Their Tools

A robust marketing automation platform like Volacci Automatr offers a huge suite of tools. While it's time consuming, those who take the time to learn and use the entire platform see far better results than marketers who send emails but ignore the rest.

7. Integrate Their Marketing Efforts

For experts, marketing doesn't stop with the automation campaign. They search engine optimize all of the landing pages that they create for each campaign. They use PPC and social media campaigns that bring in only qualified traffic.

They look for tools that integrate with what they're already using - like SalesForce or SugarCRM - and they look for new ways to leverage the power of Drupal.

8. Plays Well With Others

Great communication is critical to success and without the sales team, leads just aren't going to close. Marketing Automation experts work very closely with the sales staff, identifying their needs, defining qualified leads, and providing the proper messaging and tools the sales team needs.


Do you agree or disagree? What's missing?

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