6 Drupal Modules That Instantly Boost Your B2B Social Engagement

Social media is a massive revenue-producer for B2B. Use these Drupal Modules to quickly launch or get ahead.
b2b social engagement symbolized using dice

Whether you’re new to using social media for Business to Business (B2B) marketing or it’s old hat, here’s a list of great modules that can (nearly) instantly boost your company’s social presence. This shows one of Drupal’s strengths demonstrating how versatile this CMS (content management system) really is.

  1. AddToAny module to Facilitate Sharing - This module adds social share buttons to your website and blog. Then, visitors can easily share your content, creating a growing community of online advocates.
  2. Metatag module for Rich Data - This module brings a lot to the social table. You’re probably already using the Metatag module for your descriptions and title tags, but did you know that it also incorporates helpful B2B social tags? In the Metatag Admin, configure these sections using Drupal tokens:
    • Facebook Graph Search uses semantic search so your queries feel more natural. You can now search for things like “photos my friends took in New York”.
    • Twitter Cards - Metatags for Twitter are a relatively new way to raise your social profile. When a user tweets a link to your content, a “card” is added to their tweet that is visible to all of their followers. The card displays richer content with lengthier descriptions than a traditional tweet could.
  3. Janrain module and Service for Social Login - Janrain is a hot new startup that provides a fast, seamless social login experience for your users. It collects social profile data giving you insight into each visitor. This can be used in many ways like personalization or form population. See Janrain's solutions.
  4. Disqus module for Managing Comments - Although Janrain provides this capability, you may consider a free offering from Disqus. Disqus is web service/tool that makes commenting and discussion easier and more interactive. Most importantly, the service offers real-time comments, inline media embedding, mobile commenting, social integration, and Drupal integration.
  5. Aggregator module - Drupal can do wonders with feeds. With the Aggregator module (included in Drupal Core) you can fetch syndicated content from other websites. Bringing in a Twitter or other social feed allows for creative social solutions, like sharing all of your employees tweets on the About Us page or aggregating all the comments about your brand or product.
  6. Mollum module for Anti-spam - (DISCONTINUED) Nobody likes spam, whether it’s on your own site or someone else’s. Mollom is an “intelligent” content moderation web service that helps you evaluate content quality and stops spam. With spam out of the picture, you will have more time to focus on the important aspects of your Drupal site.

Social is a lot more than enabling a few modules. But, this is a great start. If you get these done you’ll be socially connecting with many more users in no time. Have fun!