The 5 Stages of Your Content Marketing Evolution

The 5 Stages of Your Content Marketing Evolution

October 16th, 2012

As a business evolves, so does its marketing. From a simple online presence to full-fledged content marketing, companies move step-by-step through specific stages. Think of it as marketing evolution. Here’s a guide to power your own content marketing evolution. It’s also a checklist for what tools and adaptations you will need to make to take your content efforts to the next level.


These are the basic attributes you need to create a solid presence:

  • The content management system (CMS): we recommend Drupal!
  • Search optimization basics
  • The contact form
  • Analytics


  • Blog
  • Keyphrase research.
  • Commenting
  • Google Authorship


Once you’re publishing, you can move into the promotion era immediately.

  • Email marketing templates
  • Google URL Builder
  • Newsletter sign-up


In this stage, your business is actively making useful connections through social media. Here are your new essential tools:

  • Online networking
  • Social promotion
  • Scheduling
  • Social listening tools


In the final stage of evolution, you are connecting your marketing systems with your sales systems.

  • Marketing automation
  • E-commerce integration
  • Breaking through silos