Posted to Volacci's blog on December 27th, 2011

5 New Year Resolutions Every SEO & Business Owner Should Make in 2012

SEO in 2012
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2011: Good riddance. We appreciate you, but your SEO loins were fickle, your algorithm updates were disorienting. We hope for a 2012 full of predictability and fruitfulness for quality sites.

Here are a few ways to make your SEO dreams come true in 2012.

1. Get more social
Instead of trying to “do it all” in social media, pick two or three social mediums that really pop in your industry and develop those accordingly. Integrate your social media efforts with new content that goes up on your site (or your partners‘ sites) and online contests or giveaways.

2. Post fresh(er) content
Google recently launched the Caffeine search index -- one of multiple updates to the Panda algorithm in 2011 -- which provides fresher results for people searching in Google. This means Google’s henchmen (crawlers) will continue to favor the sites that display freshness with content. Do you want to know how I decipher this freshness update? One word: BLOG. A blog is a sure way to keep your content fresh, marked with dates and consistent.

3. Schedule your content
Scheduling is the act of posting content on your site but specifying a publish date for the future. Drupal’s Scheduler module allows you to post multiple pieces of content at once, but instead of immediately pushing them live, you can specify which day and time of day you want the content to go up. This serves us well at Volacci because we can create multiple blog posts on a day where the workload is not as heavy and post them for a later date.

4. Update the bad or old content on your site
Perhaps you used to put up less-than-desirable content to fill the space on your site. Well, it’s not too late to update it and make it relevant again. Make a resolution to take old principles and ideas discussed in your blog, clean up the language and make them relevant. Not only is this improving what your site has to offer, it’s abiding by Google’s freshness guidelines, as well as improving old pages‘ chances of being indexed again.

5. Get yo’ infographic on
An infographic, as I’m sure you know, is a visual representation of information that communicates a large amount of data quickly and clearly. It’s true, images don’t have nearly as much SEO value as text, but a good infographic is shared over and over. Each time the graphic is shared, your link portfolio expands. Over time, one infographic could provide significant SEO value for your site.