Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on May 5th, 2010

5 Landing Page Optimization Tactics For Your Drupal Website

Landing Page Optimization (LPO) is very critical to the success of any profit-seeking website. Whether you run PPC, email marketing, or organic SEO campaigns, any and all internet marketing efforts need to begin and end with LPO. You should be spending the same amount of time developing the landing page as you do the marketing offer that drove traffic to the page in the first place. This is a common oversight that many websites make when developing their online campaigns. As an internet marketing firm, Volacci has learned firsthand what does and does not work. Join me after the jump for 5 LPO tactics that can take your website's conversion rates from good to great!

1. Introduce Your World When people click through one of your ads, newsletters or sales emails, they are beamed directly onto your website. Unfortunately, Mr. Scott isn’t there to tell them where they are. Put language at the top your landing page to let them know that they have landed in the right place. That will immediately put any human visitor at ease. One successful tactic is to repeat the offer language that caused the person to land on your website in the first place. This helps justify their click-through and keeps their engagement level high. Once you have them engaged on your landing page, the rest is simple. 2. Keep It Simple Some people’s websites and landing pages can resemble a badly bejeweled high school art folder or manicure. Others are comparable to a circus poster or car salesman elevator speech. Your landing pages need to be focused and simple. Tons of copy stress people out. Over-Flashed pages cause headaches. Don't ever be the bejeweled website. Ever. You want your visitor to get the point, and fast. Help them digest your page and its offering quickly and easily. Use short paragraphs and bullet points. Use well-placed, tasteful value propositions that answer questions they may be asking in their minds: “Why should I do what you are asking me to do?” 3. Multiple Calls to Action Different people react in different ways when they land on your website. Some visitors will click on the first link you provide. Others will read through the entire page before they decide to take action or not. Make it easy for your traffic to take action whenever they feel comfortable by offering links at the top, middle, and bottom of each landing page. Once you have at least three links set up, track them. Custom tag each l ink so that you know which links are being clicked through the most. If you have a conversion process that takes you through a few stages – i.e. shopping cart, survey, registration form – this will help you see where you lose the most people in the conversion process. 4. Test Multiple Landing Pages with A/B Testing How do you know that your landing page copy is effective? Are there other ways to write what you are trying to say that are more persuasive? Set up more than one landing page to test out different variables: • Different headlines - which one is keeping visitors on your site the longest, and sending them the furthest through the conversion process? • Experiment with the amount of fields in your registration forms. Studies show that short forms are better at getting more people to fill them out, however, longer forms typically have more qualified prospects. • Test the length of your copy. There is a delicate balance between keeping copy short and sweet, and offering a thorough explanation of what you’re selling that help people pull the trigger on a conversion. You won’t know the answers to any of these questions until you test. 5. Rewrite Your Encore Page Once a visitor has completed your requested call to action – fill out the survey, registration form, email newsletter sign up, etc. – they are sent to a resolution, or “encore” page. Most visitors who just took action are willing to take more action. If you leave them hanging there, they will most likely use the back button to get out of there. A true encore page should provide more value than a mere “thank you for completing, you are subscribed.” An encore page provides a Value Added Resource (VAR), unlike a “Thank You” page, which only confirms and thanks the visitor for filling out the form. The encore page has a free download of an article or e-book that is provided to the recipient upon completion of the form. The encore page can also have another link that signs the visitor up for more email collateral or newsletter subscription. There may be an incentive to complete a survey. Upsell them or cross sell them. Just do something besides thanking them and spitting back onto your homepage! Landing page optimization is an evolving equation. As online consumers change, so do the landing pages that are closing the sell. These tips might be considered elementary in a few years, or maybe even now. The one thing you can count on in the future is that offers are becoming more and more specific on landing pages and throughout Internet marketing campaigns. Use these LPO tips to ensure that your website matures into a significant profit-driver. Thanks For Reading! Did you find this post entertaining, useful, or interesting? Please repost, retweet, or redistribute to any of the social sites of your choice, and please subscribe to our RSS feed for daily fodder. For every RSS subscription Volacci gets, a kitten earns its whiskers. You like kittens, don’t you? Do the right thing, then. Subscribe. We also are very interested in what you have to say in response to this blog post. As always we are very grateful for you, our reader, and greatly value your input. Please start a conversation with a comment below.