Posted to Volacci's blog on June 4th, 2013

5 Email Marketing Tips for a Record-Breaking Quarter

The name of the game hasn’t changed, but the path to increased revenue has. Email marketing isn’t just that thing you should be doing but aren’t; it’s that thing you should be doing that could make the rest of 2013 one of the best yet. Here are five progressive ways to enhance and monetize your email marketing efforts.

email marketing
Are your emails about as a effective as a message in a bottle? Let's fix that!

1. Get only the info you need (keep your webforms simple)

Email marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. You have plenty of time to fill in the informational gaps of your prospects down the road, but right now, you just need to get them to fill out your form. The fewer fields you have in your form, the more likely someone is to fill it out -- it’s as simple as that.

2. Start building your email lists now...
...even if you don’t yet know how you’re going to use them. You will use email marketing at some point or another, so it’s important you start collecting email addresses and names for the day you do take the plunge. Add a contact form to your website and Facebook page, collect information at trade shows, require an email address for all purchases on your site, and the list goes on. Start now -- you’ll thank me later.


3. Automate your email marketing

What if you didn’t have to sit there and type and send every email you wanted to send out? What if all you had to do was set your parameters, create your templates and lists, and let it go? You absolutely can! With marketing automation, you can eliminate a lot of the traditional email marketing administration tasks and focus on other things while the platform works for you.

4. Leverage your social presence with email marketing

People are often more likely to click over to your social content from an email than from, well, almost anywhere else. Perhaps a reader isn’t ready to visit your website after reading an email blast. Reading social content is much less of a commitment, so provide that option in all of your email marketing campaigns.

5. Focus on education, not sales

I know, I know -- sales make the world go ‘round. I’m talking about the way you write. People don’t want to feel like they’re being sold to. Focus on providing free, useful information that people can use, rather than cramming your mediocre sales copy down their throats.


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