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5 Benefits of Mobile Advertising

Do you own a cell phone? I bet your kids have a cell phone each. Doesn’t everyone use cell phones these days?! According to the PEW Research Center’s latest study, six in ten Americans go online wirelessly from a mobile device. Use of the mobile Internet is growing at an unprecedented rate and will soon overtake the home computer as the most common way people get online.

In today’s wireless world, mobile advertising is now essential to the foundation of any successful marketing campaign. Prospective customers can visit your website at anytime and from anywhere using their mobile phones, giving mobile advertising compelling influence over consumer decisions in real-time by feeding them an ad at the most influential moment.

Is your business or brand ready to “go mobile” with the marketing mix? Are you not quite sure how this is beneficial? Please join me further for some light reading on the five benefits of mobile advertising.

Reason #1: Fastest Growing Audience

Believe it or not, but cell phone usage has grown more prevalent over the last year. Nearly “half of all adults go online using a Wi-Fi connection or broadband card, while 40% of adults use the internet, email or instant message from mobile phones”, according to PEW Research Center’s Mobile Access 2010 study released last month.

Here are some more persuasive results from the study in regards to mobile phone usage that should cue salivation:

I think it’s safe to say that the mobile phone market is growing like a teenager who won’t stop eating and eating and eating...

Click here to read the full report.

Reason #2: 21st Century Consumer Targeting

Although I don’t have a fancy study for this one, I do know from personal experience that I use my phone to check items, brands, reviews, and all kinds of information out on the fly. I could be in at the gym, at the park with the kids, or in the store ready to buy your competitor’s product as long as it all ‘checks out’ online.

If you have a mobile ad pop up while I am holding your competition’s product in my hand, I can change my mind and pick yours up instead. BAM! You get the sale while your competitor is sitting in a darkened room with a window blind suntan across his face, shaking his fist violently in the air while screaming, “damn you, mobile advertising!” Hey, it may not happen everyday, but I think you get the picture..

With mobile advertising, you can target your audience with location-based services and send them highly relevant mobile messaging when they are most influential. Your brand is literally in their hand.

Reason #3: Superior Convenience

Can you tell a television network what other TV ads you want your commercial to run with? Do you have control over what content is printed across the fold from your magazine ad? How about the billboards around the one you bought last year? With Mobile Advertising, your ad will always be current, concise and relevant to the content it is placed with, a superior convenience to any non-digital advertising platform.

It is also very convenient to update your mobile ad, so you can quickly communicate your latest sale, coupon, special rate, or bundled package deal that may be a daily or weekly offering. The possibilities are endless with mobile advertising’s flexibility and unique delivery.

Reason #4: Maximum Exposure

Just about everyone who has money to spend owns a cell phone. If your product or service can cast a wide net of consumer types, you can gain maximum exposure with mobile advertising. Your ad will be accessible by anyone who happens to be in your “mental location” with their mobile applications.

Reason #5: Eco-Friendly Advertising

At Volacci, we hate using paper. In fact, our printer is always dusty because we hardly ever use it. While that may not be good for our allergies, it is very good Mother Nature. We have a very eco-friendly mentality and like to think that our services allow for us to express our love for trees. In fact, Treebeard is an official Volacci “homeboy”.

While our Mobile Advertising doesn’t help you get chummy with an Ent, it will help you increase your traffic, leads, conversions, and sales while also helping Mother Nature breathe a little easier.

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