Posted to Volacci's blog on December 7th, 2011

5 Benefits of Coworking

benefits of coworking
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iMeet's Steve Miller presents his latest installment on the Volacci blog. iMeet is your own personal meeting room online. It’s a wide-open space, where you can get together to talk, meet in video, share documents and socially connect with people.

We’re at an exciting time in the history of work. Where the prospect of working outside the confines of a cubicle was once an unattainable dream for the everyman—an elite privilege reserved for the artistic or the fabulously wealthy—it has now become attainable to just about anyone whose work allows it. That probably means you. Or it will soon.

However, as fantastic as working alone for days at a time in your PJ’s may sound (and as fabulous as your PJ’s may be), it will get lonely after a while. Take it from me. The six months I spent working from home were some of the hardest in my career. Not because the work was any more grueling, but because being alone simply is not that much fun. 

Enter coworking: working in a shared environment but not necessarily employed by the same organization. Here are five benefits of coworking—the happy medium between the office and working from home.

1. It’s more social
Think about all of the greatest moments in your life for a second—the experiences that shaped you, the conversations you had, the milestones. They all probably share something in common. They were with the people who mean the most to you. Heck, they were with people in general. The same goes for work. Being in a place where you can talk to people, bounce ideas off others and feel connected to the world outside your house helps make your work more vital. You might even make a friend or two.

2. You gain access to office amenities
Collaborative workspaces take the coffee shop idea a step further by (depending on the space), providing access to conference rooms for private meetings, printers, computers and even mailboxes. Not being required to pay for things like a high-end printer, Internet and having a place your clients and customers can meet can be invaluable.

3. You get to pick
Not feeling like making the trek downtown? For $20 a day you can work down the street at that shiny new office space. Coworking office discovery sites like Loose Cubes, Desks Near Me and WorkSnug make it as easy as entering your address to find an open desk for the day. You can shop around until you find the space the suits you the best without breaking the bank or just desk surf to keep things interesting.

4. Get dressed for success
As simple as it sounds, coworking forces you to have a daily routine that you otherwise might not settle into it. Most people need some semblance of a routine to be productive. Even if it’s not daily, the process of getting dressed (highly encouraged at most coworking spaces), making coffee, brushing your teeth and getting out of the house will help keep you sane.

5.  Boundaries = Good
One of the complaints that my wife has (she works at home full-time), is that at the end of the day she has a hard time separating her work life from her non-work life. Whenever she sees our kitchen table and computer, she immediately has flashes of spreadsheets, Outlook email and the pressure to enter in another sales order. Whereas, I just see a good place for a pizza. The separation between work and life is an important distinction that coworking can help solve.