Posted to Volacci's blog on September 19th, 2013

3 Ways to Distribute Your Content that Aren’t Social Sharing or SEO

Search for ‘ways to distribute content’ or ‘content distribution methods,’ and you’re likely to find lists of distribution methods all seemingly related to only social media and search enginge optimization.

Don’t get me wrong, sharing your content on social networks and optimizing content for SEO (keyword inclusions, meta descriptions, etc.) is a vital part of content marketing and these steps shouldn’t be skipped.

But what if, even after all the social sharing and optimizing, you aren’t seeing results and engagement with your content?

This week, I was researching alternative content distribution approaches for some of our clients and I’d like to share three methods that stood out. Take a look:


The methodology behind Outbrain isn’t necessarily new. Chances are you’ve seen their services in action on a number of publication sites (if you’ve ever been on a little site called Time, anyway).

Outbrain partners with highly trafficked and respected publication sites such as CNN and Fast Company, adding a feature at the bottom of their articles that points readers to related content of Outbrain users from across the web.

This is a paid service, but daily minimum spend options are available. If your site has quality, buzz-worthy content that isn’t receiving the traffic or engagement you want, Outbrain could be worth the investment.

2. Set up an RSS feed

RSS feeds are a ‘simple’ way to increase your content’s accessibility. With an RSS feed for your blog, serial content consumers can add your site’s content to their feed aggregator (the favorite among Volaccians is Feedly) where new content will automatically appear each time you post.

An RSS feed erases the need for readers to bookmark your site, only to be forgotten later or under or overchecked to miss out on content or to be disappointed by “lack of updates.” Instead, you receive readers who are interested by your article, if you can write a great summary and catchy title to reel them in!

Have a Drupal site? Check out this how-to on creating a custom RSS feed for your Drupal blog. (Pro tip: Try to include a searchable term in your Blog Feed name like ‘Volacci Digital Marketing Blog’)


Triberr is an influencer marketing platform where bloggers can syndicate their content through Triberr “tribes” based around interests and topics.

Features include:

  • One click guest blogging. Send an article you find on Triberr back to your blog with full attribution to the original writer.

  • The means to become a brand ambassador with one of Triberr’s big-name partners.

  • A targeted place (or ‘tribe’) for interested readers to find and share your content.

Triberr is free to use and also offers premium memberships for $10 a month.

These are just three options for additional content distribution to increase your visitor traffic and engagement. Let us know in the comments if you use any of these methods, or if you have any other tips you’d like to share!

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