3 Habits For Becoming More Decisive

3 Habits For Becoming More Decisive

October 25th, 2012

We’re taking a bit of a break today from our normal content to share some excellent advice we found in Entrepeneur magazine. Overthinking can be the curse of anyone making an important decision. When faced with a difficult choice, it can be easy to fall into bouncing the same arguments around, arguing ourselves in circles until we get dizzy. Here are three ways from Entrepeneur to stop the second-guessing and build habits of decisiveness.

  1. Focus on being adaptable, not perfect. Instead of looking for the “right” answer, aim to be adaptable. Nobody can know what the future holds.
  2. Embrace the possibility of failure.  Take the fear of failure off the table by thinking of failure differently. Rather than seeing it as an end point, think of it as a beginning. See it as new information that gives you an opportunity to adapt and improve -- an expected step toward success.
  3. Listen to your gut instinct. Ultimately, you need to make a choice based on what feels right to you. If you're not sure what you really want to do, toss a coin. As flippant as it sounds, as soon as the coin lands, you'll either be relieved or wish it had landed on the other side. Your gut instinct has the wisdom of your experience and expertise -- trust it. 

We all encounter difficult decisions in our lives, and sometimes it can be agonizing to figure out what to do. These three pieces of advice are guaranteed to help anyone improve their decision making, no matter who you are or how you make decisions.

What do you think? Do you use any of these techniques? Do they work for you?