10 Steps To Untangle Your Social Media Efforts

10 Steps To Untangle Your Social Media Efforts

October 1st, 2012

Do you feel as though your social media program has taken on a life of it’s own? Has the social media beast got a hold of your budget, resources, and ROI? Are you at a loss for how to get it back?

Here are 10 easy steps to help you organize and get a grip on your social media efforts.

Step 1: Know What Ya’ Got – Maximize to Monetize
Social media isn’t just about “the next big thing.” Learning how you can maximize to monetize might just be your key to success.

Step 2: Know How You Did.
It’s time to get real and honest with yourself about results to date. Don’t sugar coat this analysis. Dig deep into the data and let the data talk to you. Don’t manipulate the data to trick your boss, CEO or board of directors. The more honest you can be here, the better chance you have of getting a grip on your social once and for all.

Step 3: What is Holding You Back?
This is another area you must get real and honest with yourself. Take a nice long weekend away at the beach or cozy day by the fireplace. Dig deep into what is holding you back. What is holding you back personally, professionally from meeting your business goals and objectives. What is holding your team and organization back? What’s holding your external industry or niche back? Is it bigger than you? If yes, how can you have a positive impact on a larger ecosystem? Don’t make excuses here. Remember, our focus is to get a grip on social media and your business, not make up reasons why it’s not working or blame it on the lack of planets aligning.

Step 4: Know Where You Want to Go!
If you have ever visited my blog, watched one of my videos or held any conversation with me over 60 seconds you probably know one of the first questions I ask you is “what are your goals and objectives?” Bottom line, if you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there?

Step 5: WHY WHY WHY?
Why do you want to go there? Why does your market, community or audience care if you go there? Why should they click like, follow you on Facebook, be your friend, tweet you, retweet you or give a rip about anything you have to say or do? Why should your boss care what you do, say, or spend on social media this year?
If you don’t answer this most basic set of questions of WHY, your efforts may be all for nothing. No joke!

Step 6: Identify & Mitigate Risk.
What risks do you face and how are you going to mitigate them? What challenges will you face and how can you proactively minimize their impact?
You may have risks of not enough knowledge of industry, market, clients? This could lead to bad decisions and investment in social media which as a result could mean you fail at connecting with your audience and community.

Step 7: How are You Going to Get There?
What is the strategy and approach you are taking to achieve their goals. We leverage the Forrester Research POST Methodology. You can download a worksheet here to help you focus on your audience, objectives and a strategy to achieve your goals and objectives.

Your strategy and approach to integrating social media into the DNA of your business should not come from a cookie cutter plan you find via a Google search. It should come from a clear understanding of your markets, audience and industry. It should be clearly mapped to your goals and objectives and be the roadmap of how you are going to connect with your audiences and provide them the highest value to best achieve your goals and objectives.

There is only one way to do social media and that is the way that works for you and your business, period! Focus on you and your business, not everyone else!

Step 8: Who Needs to Go With You?
What partners should and could you take along with you? Who can you partner with that will offer mutual benefit? A good partner has something to bring to the table for you just as you should do for them.

If you are part of a larger organization, then also look at what other internal organizations and teams you can partner with. Even if you are in a different country than other teams within your corporation, there can be much benefit to working together, learning from one another. Why not partner together and conduct a similar test with similar variables in the different geographies? Findings could prove useful not only for your immediate teams, but for others who you can share the information and also get them on board with your greater efforts.

Remember, the goal is to lead with RESULTS! It’s not always about leading with the latest shiny new object. Generate real results with data to back it up and you’ll be shocked the number of people who might want to get on your social train in six months from now!

Step 9: What will you do when you arrive? What’s next?
How do you know when you arrive? What does success look like? What does your roadmap look like? What do you do when you get there? What will you do when you have achieved a mass community on Facebook or Twitter? How will you continue to provide them with real value, keep them connected to your brand and continue nurturing relationships in a real and authentic way?

How will you continue to integrate social media into the DNA of your business? How will you continually optimize, rinse and repeat? How will you capture data, measure and leverage for continuous improvement?

For me this is the fun part. I know for many they would rather get a root canal, or three. If you need help or don’t know where to start with any of this, give me a call or contact our agency, Marketing Nutz and we’ll help you get a grip on all of the above plus more!

Step 10: How will you differentiate & do better than the rest?
What are the short, medium and long term tactics and strategies needing started and implemented that can give you the extra oomph into your business and results?