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10 Pimped-Out Drupal Logos

Everyone who knows Drupal also knows how amazingly supportive and creative the entire Drupal community is. I cannot be more proud to work with such a great CMS day-in day-out. I am also proud to know, firsthand, how well Dries Buytaert rides a mechanical whale! Over the last few years, the Drupal community’s creativity has truly shone through, and perfect examples of said creativity are all the Drupal logos getting “pimped out” at DrupalCamps and DrupalCons around the world. I included the original logo here as a visual comparison to the following pimped out logos. They in no particular order in creativity or "pimpness". They are ranked solely on the order in which I found them. So, without further ado, here are 10 pimped-out Drupal logos... after the jump.

1. DrupalCamp Buenos Aires 2009 This logo was used for Argentina’s first ever DrupalCamp.

2. DrupalCon Boston 2008 - DrupalSox Volacci’s Internet Marketing Manager, Erik Wagner, is originally from the Boston area, and a die-hard Red Sox fan, so I couldn’t resist


3. DrupalCamp Victoria (BC) 2009 - DrupalDolphin Drupal Logo + Dolphin = Win for Mankind

From the DrupalCamp Victoria website: “NorthStudio and the Victoria School of Business and Technology are once again proud to host the second annual Victoria Drupal Camp in Victoria, BC September 11th and 12th. Just like last year, we have timed Drupal Camp to happen around the Great Canadian Beer

festival.” A DrupalCamp during the Great Canadian Beer Festival? Maybe that is why the dolphin is smiling. Yes please. 4. Drupal Meetup - Montreal

I had a hard time finding any concrete information on the origins of this logo, other than it is used for Drupal Meetups in Montreal, and there seems to be a waiting list to join in? All I know is someone involved is a design wizard, with a powerful Drupal wand. Please correct me if I’m wrong in a comment below.

5. Drupal Kathakali Logo - Maharaja Druplicon This Druplicon wears an Indian Maharaja's Crown! Maharajas (Kings) in western part of India used to wear this type of Crown till about 100 years ago.

This pimped-out Drupal logo was created for a session presentation for DrupalCamp India in Jan 2009 by Prasad Shirgaonkar. Check his company at

6. The Druplicon Angel For Code Heroes I think we all knew that the Drupal logo is an angel, but Jeff Eaton took the pen right out of our hands. Very cool, Jeff!

7. Drupal Malaysia I found this logo at the (un)official community site for Drupal in Malaysia:

There were at least six variations to this one idea.

8. DrupalCon DC 2009 Four Kitchens is a good friend of ours here in Austin that build big websites.. and they love Drupal just as much as we do! I found this logo on Four Kitchen’s Flickr profile. Even though this variation drops the eyes, it still encompasses the shape and, therefore, the spirit of Drupal.

9. DrupalCon 2007 Barcelona This mosaic-style, pimped-out logo is from DrupalCon Barcelona 2007. The conference pulled over 400 people for more than 80 sessions! “If that ain’t pimpin’, somebody come wit it!”

10. Darth Drupal Shirt I’ve seen the stickers on MacBooks at DrupalCons, I’ve seen the tee shirt disappear in the distance of a crowd. Rumor has it that these shirts first appeared at DrupalCon Boston 2008, and unfortunately I was too slow to get my wallet out.

Vancouver’s Raincity Studios is responsible for these awesome shirts and definitely made a buzz at SXSW 2008. I just want to know, how do I get one right now?!

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