Posted to Ben Finklea's blog on December 17th, 2009

10 Drupal-Built Sites You May Have (Not) Known About

2009 has truly been a year of Drupal. From to the advertising incident with Microsoft, Drupal has come along way since last January. And, in the end, Drupal comes out a winner. Here is a look back at 10 websites that have made Drupal their platform of the future.

1. Monty Python

There are too many great quotes to use here that almost don’t even want to go there. One of our offices’ favorite comedic performers, Monty Python, is now using Drupal! Check it out at It is a great example of a Drupal community and it has HUGE... tracks of land!


MTV UK is now Drupal-based and continues to host news and information for their broadcast channels. Check it out at This website also acts as a front-end for MTV Flux, a social networking site that lets MTV viewers interact with MTV and other users.

3. Pearl Jam

One of the quintessential bands of the 1990’s, Pearl Jam, relaunched its official band website using Drupal. Check it out at and get ready to ROCK!

4. BBC

BBC Magazines is the magazine publishing division of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). It appears they are using Drupal for a slew of their magazine websites:

BBC Music Magazine

BBC Countryfile Magazine

• BBC Focus Magazine

BBC Who Do You Think You Are Magazine

• BBC History Magazine

BBC Home and Antiques


This was a very proud day for the Drupal community, and the open source community as well. The flagship site for the U.S. government,, goes Drupal. Volacci was pretty excited about this news as well. For more on the story, check out what we had to say about Goes Drupal.

6. Lifetime TV

LIfetime Television redesigned their site this year using Drupal. Check it out at Lifetime Television produces shows such as Desperate Housewives, The Golden Girls, Frasier, and Army Wives. The site features a massive movie database, television schedule, videos, photos, articles, stories, games, and much more.

7. Lucas Arts

George Lucas’ video game company, Lucas Arts, launched a slick site using Drupal for its new MMORPG: Star Wars, The Old Republic. Check out the website at: As Dries put it so well on his blog post, The Force is strong with Drupal!

8. Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead website,, has been relaunched using Drupal and features extensive archives of Dead history, songs, photos, memorabilia, and shows. You can participate in forums, share concert stories and photos, and download entire shows as mp3s for free!

9. Rock Band

The popular music video game, Rock Band, was developed by Harmonix Music Systems, published by MTV Games, and distributed by Electronic Arts Partners. Drupal , however, built the site. Check out the website:

10. Bob Dylan

Many would indeed feel successful when Mr. Tambourine Man himself uses your software for his site. Check out Drupal-powered Dylan at

Did I leave any of your favorite Drupal-built websites off the list? Let me know about the site in a comment below.