To Follow or Not To Follow...

That is the question I get from (too) many people who want to build backlinks from their website to other sites. “Should I add a ‘rel=”no follow” attribute to the HTML anchor tag or should I leave it out and, thus, follow it?”

This is certainly a decision you need to able to make when building links to your site. There are several different scenarios that can play out, so let’s take a look at the decision from the perspective of the search engines and how it can potentially affect your site’s rankings.

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How to Build Backlinks with Content

There is nothing more mind-numbingly, hair-pullingly frustrating than having a “grand opening” for your website and no one showing up. There are endless amounts of opinions available as to how you gain online traffic, and most of them may be correct in their specific circumstances. But there is one that no one will ever contest. One of the fastest ways to start letting people know your website exists is through the power of the written word.

One of the many successful SEO services we provide our clients at Volacci is content creation. Articles are created using SEO best practices and are submitted to online directories in order to build backlinks for the client’s website. Backlinks create new roads and doorways for visitors to enter your website through. This is a very effective and efficient method for building a strong foundation for any SEO campaign.

The Web is visited everyday by hundreds of millions people looking for unique content to consume. To get even a percent of a percent of web surfers could mean a significant boost in your sales. But you can’t submit just any ol’ content to online directories, the content must be unique and search engine-optimized.

Join me after the jump for more tips on how to build backlinks to your site using content.

Read this article: How to Build Backlinks with Content

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