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6 Drupal Modules That Instantly Boost Your B2B Social Engagement

Social media is a massive revenue-producer for B2B. Use these Drupal Modules to quickly launch or get ahead.

Whether you’re new to using social media for Business to Business (B2B) marketing or it’s old hat, here’s a list of great modules that can (nearly) instantly boost your company’s social presence. This shows one of Drupal’s strengths demonstrating how versatile this CMS (content management system) really is.

  1. AddToAny module to Facilitate Sharing - This module adds social share buttons to your website and blog.
  2. ...

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5 Chrome plugins that will save you time every day


google chrome plugins

Being an SEO has its ups and its downs (get it??). One of said "downs" is that I often don't have enough time in the day to accomplish everything I need to accomplish. We're in constant pursuit of ways to save ourselves a few minutes here and there. A few Google Chrome plugins -- some related to marketing, some not -- grant me a few extra minutes and allow me to get more done every day.

Without further adieu, here are my favorite time-saving Google Chrome plugins that I use pretty much every day.

1. Bitly
Bitly allows me to shorten URLs instantaneously by clicking a button. This is useful when I'm scheduling Tweets, sending emails, pasting links into documents, and about 20 other instances throughout my day. This is a must-have.


2. SEO Site Tools
SEO Site Tools gives me an instant snapshot of the SEO value of a webpage from all of the heavy-hitters -- Google, Bing, Yahoo!, SEOMoz, Quantcast, Majestic SEO, DMOZ, and the list goes on. You can compare the data provided by each one and decide which is the most accurate. You can also see numbers like backlinks and indexed pages, as well as meta data and H1 tags for a webpage.

SEO site tools

3. Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate
Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate allows me to take a screenshot of either an entire webpage or just the visible part of a webpage, and annotate/edit the screenshot within my browser. No need to open up an editing program to add text, arrows or markup to your screenshots. Just click the Capture & Annotate button and edit it all in two minutes max without opening another program.

4. BuiltWith
BuiltWith is a quick way to figure out what CMS a site was built on, detailed server information, which analytics/statistics programs they have installed, and a plethora of other useful site technology information -- all with a click of one button.

5. Check My Links
Check My Links has a crawler that instantly checks a webpage for broken links and highlights them so you can see what you need to fix. Once the scan is complete, it highlights in green the working links and in red the broken links. I use this several times a week.


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Inbound Marketing versus Outbound Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Luckily, we no longer rely on traditional advertising means to get the word out about our companies. Instead of throwing dollars to a billboard or TV placement, we can focus on a form of marketing that revolves around consumer engagement, social interaction and digital communication: Inbound marketing.

Here's a little infographic from our friends over at Mashable that magnificently describes the rise of inbound marketing and all that it possesses.

Inbound Marketing versus Outbound Marketing

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5 Features You Need in Your Webinar & Conferencing Platforms

webinar platform needs

iMeet's Steve Miller presents his bi-weekly installment on the Volacci blog.

Shopping around for a webinar and web conferencing service that fits your company’s needs can be a chore. With dozens of products all claiming to be the best, it can be tough to differentiate the good from the wannabes. Plus, who wants to test 50 different online meeting services?

To help you sift through the clutter, we’ve identified the five needs of every webinar and online meeting, and the web conferencing feature that meets the need.

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5 Benefits of Coworking

benefits of coworking
(photo from BusinessPundit.com)

iMeet's Steve Miller presents his latest installment on the Volacci blog. iMeet is your own personal meeting room online. It’s a wide-open space, where you can get together to talk, meet in video, share documents and socially connect with people.

We’re at an exciting time in the history of work. Where the prospect of working outside the confines of a cubicle was once an unattainable dream for the everyman—an elite privilege reserved for the artistic or the fabulously wealthy—it has now become attainable to just about anyone whose work allows it. That probably means you. Or it will soon.

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