Installing Automatr

Installing Volacci Automatr for Drupal or WordPress

1. Download the appropriate version of the Volacci Automatr module for your platform.

  • Drupal: Download the Module

    • For basic Drupal integration, download module version 1.0.
    • For Drupal administrative dashboards and dynamic content, download module version 3.0.
  • WordPress: Download the Plugin

  • All other platforms: you will place the implementation code in the sitewide footer of your website. See below.

2. Install the module or plugin on your site. Be sure to follow the Readme file included with your download in step 1.

3. Paste in the implementation code in the place provided by the newly installed Volacci Automatr module or plugin.


Locating Your Implementation Code

  1. Login to your Automatr account. Don't have a Automatr account? Start a Free Trial.
  2. Click on the My Account tab in the top navigation .
  3. Scroll down a little until you see the section titled "Automatr Implementation Code".


Where to Place Your Implementation Code if You're Running a Different Platform

The implementation code must be placed within the <body> of each page. The ideal location to place the code is immediately above the </body> tag at the end of each page, though this is not a requirement. 

If your website employs a standard (or "included") footer that's part of each page (which is very common), the code can be placed just once into that included footer. Because the footer is a part of every page of your website you're implementation will be complete in minutes.

Almost all web professionals will understand these instructions and in most cases can implement Automatr in 15 minutes or less.