Volacci Automatr (Beta)

Revolutionizing the Classic Drip Campaign

At Volacci, our goal is to create the best tools possible for Drupal and WordPress marketers. We are working towards even deeper integrations with the tools, modules, plugins, and services that you already know and love.

In 2013, Volacci will introduce Volacci Automatr - the world's first marketing automation solution built specifically for Drupal and WordPress. Currently in Private Beta, this marketing tool will revolutionize the way you think about your website. We can't tell you too much about it yet, but here are just a few of the capabilities that we're building today:

Target High-Value Visitors

Use real-time data like specific pages viewed, time on site, referral sources, keyword searched, etc. to build a profile of your most valuable customers. Over 100 details are available for every site visitor so you can go as granular as you want. If it's worth knowing, Volacci Automatr tracks it.

Targeted Content Delivery

Deliver fine-tuned content to the most relevant visitors just when they need it. Use powerful segmenting tools to ensure that your messaging is received by an interested audience which builds engagement and trust.

Score Leads Easily

How can you tell if a particular website visitor is a highly-valued lead? Well, she searched Google on a highly relevant keyword (+5), she spent 4 minutes on your product's detail pages (+10), and she downloaded a white paper (+20). Assigning point values to each activity lets you quickly see which visitors need your attention. Oh, look: she's viewing your price list (+15). Total score: 50. Maybe your sales team should give her a call right about now. We make it easy with...

Volacci LeadAlert Technology

Never lose track of a lead again. Volacci LeadAlerts notify your sales team with an email and/or text whenever a customer shows buying signs.

Salesforce.com and SugarCRM Integration

Send lead details directly from your website into your CRM software automatically when a visitor's takes a specific action or their lead score meets your preset minimum.

Deep Drupal and WordPress Integration

We are Volacci so integration with the top open-source CMS's is incredibly important to us. We made it easy with a simple module or plugin.

Keep Your Drupal and WordPress Forms & Workflows

No need to change your forms so your setup time is significantly faster. Plus, any existing workflows continue to function just as you'd expect them - we play nice!

It's Called "Automatr" for a reason 

Set up the rules and conditions that match your marketing needs. Volacci Automatr continuously runs in the background continuously generating leads and sales for you.

A Price So Low You'll Buy It

We set the entry price under $1000/month with a big discount for annual pricing.

Scales Up When You Do

Ready to go big? As your customer list grows or your outbound marketing increases, simply add affordable blocks of credits whenever you need them -- and not a second before.

Everybody Gets Everything

We don't skimp on features for entry-level customers. No tough decisions to make. Just get started with no worries.

…and much more to come!

Volacci: Better Tools. Better Marketing. If you are interested in participating in our private beta, please contact us. We will release sign-up codes weekly between now and January 2013 when we anticipate opening up to a public Beta release.