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Automatr gets a Makeover!

A New, Sleeker, Interface to Save You Time and Increase Productivity

Here at Volacci, we're always looking for opportunities to improve our products and services. One weakness that had been identified with Automatr was an out-dated interface. We're happy to announce that after several months of development time, Automatr has gone through a complete visual makeover. All of the great features and tools are still available, but the interface is much more intuitive and brandishes a cleaner look.

The update includes incredible improvements in navigation and usability which will certainly save you time and effort. The overall appearance of the application...

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Automatr Adds Webhooks: Your Marketing Campaign Just Got Easier to Manage

As part of Volacci's continuing effort to make Automatr the leading example of marketing automation integration capabilities, the functionality of Automatr has been expanded yet again with the addition of Webhook support to Form Actions. But for those of us who aren't developers, what does this mean?

The new Webhook feature allows Automatr users to trigger just about any desired action in any app that supports Webhooks when...

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Automatr Social Integrations: Socialize

Social integration is finally here for Automatr! Our customers asked and we have delivered. Automatr still has the ability to do social lookups, but with the new addition of "Socialize," Automatr now has deep social integrations.

To access Automatr's new social features, look under the "Marketing Center" and you will find a new "Socialize" tab. Setup is a breeze - simply click on the "Manage Accounts" button and add your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Once you're up and running,...

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