Automatr gets a Makeover!

A New, Sleeker, Interface to Save You Time and Increase Productivity

Here at Volacci, we're always looking for opportunities to improve our products and services. One weakness that had been identified with Automatr was an out-dated interface. We're happy to announce that after several months of development time, Automatr has gone through a complete visual makeover. All of the great features and tools are still available, but the interface is much more intuitive and brandishes a cleaner look.

The update includes incredible improvements in navigation and usability which will certainly save you time and effort. The overall appearance of the application...

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8 Habits of Marketing Automation Experts

Pro Skills that Explode Lead Generation Results

At Volacci, we work with a lot of Marketing Automation experts. While they may have very little in common from a business perspective - different industries, verticals, customer buying cycles, etc. - we've found some very consistent habits among the very top performers that separate them from the rest of the pack. How many of these do YOU practice?

1. They Know Their Target Market

Marketing automation experts have a deep understanding of their target market. They've analyzed their target market and have personas that identify...

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