Falling Out of Old Habits and into New Trends

Falling_Leaves_0.jpg It is finally starting to feel like the Fall Season here in the hill country of Austin. Around here, every season but summer is a rumor until it happens, and once we believe the rumor, the season is already gone. Like rumors of the fall, we also cherish our sweaters, because we don’t get to wear them as often as they should be worn. For this very reason, I’ve fallen into this old habit of wearing a few favorite sweaters quite frequently during the short, chilly season here in central Texas.

My wife makes it a point get me a new sweater every year for Christmas, in hopes that I will fall out of this old habit. Up until this year, the new sweater is usually left in the closet, next to last year’s sweater, or the one from the year before.

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Get your analytics in place

Before you launch that new website or web page you need to get your analytics in place. Search Engine Optimization requires clear goals and quantifiable results. Without good analytics there is no way to know if your efforts are effective.
Get a good tracking system in place and then start your SEO campaign.

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What to look for in your analytics

There are so many things that are tracked in your site's analytics that you could spend all of your time trying to learn about what is tracked and what it means. But to get you started there are a few basic things you should be focusing on. The four main statistics to follow are: Visitors, Keywords, Referrers and Exit Pages. These will give you a pretty good idea of who your visitors are, where they're coming from, why they've come there and which pages they're leaving from.

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