New Google Analytics Audience Reporting Will Empower Marketers

One of the biggest announcements to come out of this week’s Google Analytics Summit was the plan to unveil Google Audience Reports, a demographics-based report replacing the current Traffic Source option. The introduction of such offerings through Google Analytics holds tremendous potential for marketers, and promises to further the effectiveness of targeted outreach efforts, advanced segmentation and comprehensive marketing automation programs

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Measure Metrics Like an Email Marketing Expert

Measuring all of your marketing metrics is crucial to building and replicating successful campaigns. These measurements extend to email marketing, too. Measuring your online newsletter is easy with a marketing automation platform; otherwise, it can be a bit of a challenge. Regardless, when designing and implementing your email marketing campaign, here are a few key metrics that our email marketing experts recommend always including:

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Is Your Business Recession-Proof?

Just_For_SEO_0.jpgIt’s official. On Monday The National Bureau of Economic Research declared what has been keeping us all up at night for the last few months. The U.S. economy is officially in a recession, and has been since December 2007. Employers nationwide have trimmed payrolls by 1.2 million jobs in the first 10 months of this year. On Friday, economists are predicting the government will report a loss of another 325,000 jobs for November. The current recession is one of the longest downturns since the Great Depression of the 1930's. However, there is no need to panic. This recession will not turn into a depression. Most experts predict a resurgence of the economy by the end of the second quarter in 2009. There may be a lot of gloom now, but experts don’t foresee any doom on the horizon.

Is your online business recession-proof? Like most of us, the answer is a resounding ‘No’. With that being said, you should ask yourself: “How can we avoid most of the pitfalls of the recession and keep our conversion rates and profits at a respectable margin?”

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Hold On To Your Britches, Analytics Just Got Better!

ProjectPortfolioAnalytics01_0.jpgThis week we have delved into Volacci’s new web-based analytical features and how they will improve your business. Advanced segmentation, custom report generation, motion charts, and balloon animals are just the beginning of Volacci’s many talents that will affect your conversion rate, optimize your web traffic, and make your overall decision-making process more efficient and effective.

These new enterprise-class features allows your business more efficient functionality and provide you with certified performance-based analytics that will give your business the best quantitative leverage to make the most profitable decisions.

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Volacci-size Your Reports

burger_shirt_0.gifIn today's world, you can customize anything from your burger at a local restaurant to a t-shirt with a picture of your customized burger on it. Customization isn't just monogrammed His and Her towel sets anymore. Unique and personal experiences are fueling our generation, not only our personal lives, but in our businesses as well. Today I would like to discuss in further detail Volacci's new ability to customize your business analytics through custom reports we are able to generate using the two analytical features covered so far this week. I touched briefly on this customization earlier this week, but would like to revisit Volacci's custom report generation again today.

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Who wants a Bubble Chart Balloon Animal?

Running_Clown_0.jpgThis week we have been discussing the new web-based analytical features Volacci is implementing to improve and maximize your web and SEO marketing analytics. We here at Volacci are so excited about our new analytical features we hired a clown for the office this week. We came to find out the clown we hired had a phobia for Marketing folk, so we will carry on sans clown for the rest of the week.

So far, we have explained how advanced segmentation will isolate and analyze subsets of your website’s traffic with efficient filters that allow you to look at which webpage is maximizing your profit and flush out emerging trends.

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Advanced Segmentation: Functional Bliss

Volacci_Shampoo_0.jpgYesterday I began to explain how Volacci’s efficient and functional analytic features will improve your conversion rate and will change how you make quantitative-based decisions entirely. The first new feature for your business is an advanced segmentation. This will enable us to isolate and analyze subsets of your website’s traffic. With only a few mouse clicks, we can create efficient filters for quick segmentations, such as “Paid Traffic” and “Visits with Conversions”. With these custom and advanced segments, we not only apply them to your current and data, but also apply them to any past data that exists.

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