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I Got 99 Problems, But Drupal Crawl Errors Ain't One!

Keep your website crawl error free using these modules

Crawl errors are the bane of every digital marketer-- they seemingly pop up over night and their numbers grow exponentially. Luckily for Drupal marketers there a number of techniques that you can employ to minimize the number of crawl errors that occur and fix the newly created crawl errors on your website. However, before we get started, let's first review a few common crawl errors that you're likely to run into.

Page Not Found - Hard 404 Errors 

The hard 404 error is usually the most...

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The custom 404 page

Here is one way to turn one of your websites liabilities into an asset: make a custom 404 page. The 404 error page you land on when you try to call up a web page that doesn't exist usually looks the same on every website. You can easily customize this page and use it like a site map. This is okay to do as long as you do include the proper error code explaining that the page has moved or no longer exists, after that you can show your visitor a list of the pages that do exist on your site.

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